Dr. Veerawat Tirananmongkol

Dr. Veerawat Tirananmongkol
Known as Dr V to his patients, this plastic surgeon has made a solid name for him. He is a sought after breast augmentation and breast lift specialist, who gets most of his clients from referrals.
Focused and professional, Dr V aims to be honest with all his clients to ensure that they are realistic in their expectations and have all their questions answered before surgery. Dr V is known for his attention to detail and for often recommending teardrop implants and or dual plane placement for breast augmentation clients seeking a natural look.
His goal is to have happy clients rather than a large overall number of clients. Still, Dr V usually has a full schedule and new clients must expect that it can take 1-2 weeks to get a surgical recommendation. Generally, Dr V prefers for his clients to have consultation and surgery on separate days, and this allows for clients to have more time to consider the recommendation and surgical plan, as well as ask additional questions.
Dr V is a family man with his roots deeply planted in Phuket. He has been doing surgery at Phuket International Hospital since 2000 and became one of the founding members of Phuket International Aesthetic Center (PIAC). In addition to breast surgeries, he is skilled in face lifts, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, ear surgery, tummy tuck, as well as labiaplasty.
His special interest includes
Breast implant ( Tear Drop and Round)
Augmentation Mastoplexy
Facial surgery
Body contouring
Buttock implant
Education Background
1982-1988 Secondary education, Samsen Vittayalai College, Bangkok
1988-1994 Doctor of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
Since 2000 Thai Certified Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Training Experience
1994  Internship, Prince of Songklanakarind University Medical School
1994-1998 Residency training, General Surgery Prince of Songklanakarind University, Medical School
1998-2000  Plastic and Reconstructive surgery King Chulalongkorn  Memorial hospital
Professional Experience
2000-2005 Head of Plastic and Reconstruction Unit  Vachira Phuket General Hospital, Phuket, Thailand
2000-2004 Plastic surgeon, Patong Clinic2004-2010 Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Chalong Medical Clinic , Phuket
2000-present Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Patong Beach Hospital
2000-present Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Phuket International Hospital
2000-present Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Bangkok Phuket Hospital
2004-present Founder, Dr.V Cosmetic Surgical Rejuvenation, Patong, Phuket
2006-present  Founding Plastic Surgeon, Phuket International Aesthetic Center
2013-present Vice Chairman,Board of Phuket International Aesthetic Center committee
2015-present Plastic Surgeon, Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, Phuket, Thailand
Scientific and Lecture Activities
2000    International Congress of Oriental Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Seoul, Korea
2002    ASEAN Congress of Plastic Surgery, Singapore
2005    HBIDA international conference, Bologna, Italy (Sex Reassignment Surgery)
2005    Sabbin workshop on GLUTEAL (buttock) implant, Bruges, Belgium
2005    Physician training program of OPERATION SMILE foundation, Norfolk, USA
2006    RHINOPLASTY training course, San Francisco, USA
2007    International Master Course on Aging Skin ( IMCAS) Asia, Bangkok, Thailand
2008    ISAPS Melbourne, Australia2008    World congress of ANTI-AGING Medicine, Paris, France
2009    MACROLANE workshop, Hong Kong2009    Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery, Seoul, Korea
2010    Thailand-Singapore-Taiwan Plastic Surgery Meeting, Phuket, Thailand
2012    Plastic Surgery conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
2013    Mentor CPG live Surgery Workshop, Seoul, Korea
2015    ASEAN Mentor CPG Surgical Excellence Workshop , Phuket, Thailand
2015    Lecturer, “ROUND or ANATOMICAL implant for better Aesthetic Mammoplasty”
2015    Lecturer, Mentor Course in Surgical Excellence, Amsterdam ,The Netherlands
2015    Lecturer, ISAPS Taipei, Taiwan
Honour,  Award and Media Attention
1988-1994 Honour, Medical Student , Chulalongkorn University Medical School
2008   Awards Restylane Contest, Thristle Copr
2013  5 Stars Clinic, WhatClinic.com
2014  Under kniven på Patong Beach, Rask magazine, Denmark
Volunteer Plastic Surgeon
1998 Thai Red Cross Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Surgery Trip, Surin , Thailand
1998 Thai Red Cross Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Surgery Trip, LopBuri, Thailand
2001 Operation Smile Foundation Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Surgery Trip, YaLa , Thailand
2002 Thai Red Cross Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Surgery Trip, Phuket, Thailand
Certification and License
Medical Licensure:  Medical council of Thailand, 1994, No.#19563
Board certification:  Thai Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, since Year 2000
Memberships and Committee in Professional Societies
A member of The Thai Medical Council.A member of Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand.
A member of The Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand.
A member of The Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand.
A member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ( ISAPS ) Since 2009.
Plastic Surgery (Cosmetic Surgery)


Caroline K from Melbourne, Australia

People that don’t know about the surgery are saying to me, you are looking fantastic the rest has really paid off. I can’t help but laugh.  People that know have asked for your details.

Recommendations are the best advertising.

Nisshia C from Queensland, Australia

I have had the most amazing experience, everything lived up to and exceeded my expectations. The staff, the hospital and the holiday was wonderful!

Thank you so much for helping me with all the arrangements! 

Penelope M. from Wellington, New Zealand
I choose Stunning Makeovers because of the excellent reviews and I am very satisfied 
My surgeon, Dr Veerawat, was excellent. He's compassionate, has a sense of humour, and is fascinated by his patients and what he can do for them! He will tell you (as he did me) if a procedure you want is not suitable for you in some way.  
The outpatient staff were lovely and I have nothing but praise for their attitude and care.