Dr. Pitch Paiboonkasesutthi

Dr. Pitch Paiboonkasesutthi

Face Lift Surgery
Eyelid Lift Surgery
Nose Implant
Nose Reshaping
Cheek Implants
Chin Advancement and Chin Implant
Adam’s Apple Shaving
Arm Lift Surgery
Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift Surgery
Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Tummy Tuck
Buttocks Augmentation

Thigh Lift

Doctor of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, 1985

General Surgery, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Thailand, 1991
Plastic Surgery, Siriraj Hospital, Thailand, 1996

Board of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Thailand

Yala Hospital
Yanhee International Hospital


Steve M from Northland New Zealand

My stay at Yanhee Hospital has been of total satisfaction.  The before and after treatment can be described as excellent. But it is the service of the staff that go that extra yard to provide my stay as one of total dedication with a smile.  

It’s the finer details that separates Yanhee International Hospital from the rest.  If I was asked where they could improve their service I could not fault any part of the service that has been provided to me.  

For anyone considering surgery I would suggest Yanhee International Hospital as the highest, superior services to provide a pleasant stay and fully satisfied with the services.

Jennifer B from Wellington New Zealand

I can honestly say I’m 100% happy! 

Stunning Makeovers is a NZ company and Paul responded to my enquiry promptly.

Possibly after I had children, I would return to Thailand for breast augmentation and would DEFINITELY recommend Stunning Makeovers.

The nurses at the hospital, they were great and quite fascinating!. 

Having other Kiwis going on the same flight and at the same hotel is a fantastic idea, really makes things easier if you don’t have a partner/family member with you. (Group Trip)

Leocadio G from Sydney, Australia

A friend recommended Stunning Makeovers and we are very satisfied with their service and happy that everything went well.

The hospital was clean and the doctor was friendly and patient and explained the whole procedure to me and my husband …….  The nursing staff was very efficient constantly monitored my progress.  The service was what I expected…...

Everything went like clockwork very efficient staff and professional.

In a few years if I think of doing any other procedures it will be for sure at this hospital. I have no hesitation in recommending Stunning Makeovers to others.

I would like to pass on my thanks to the international nurse on level 4.  I believe she is from the Philippines that nurse in particular was excellent and caring. I think her name is Alexandra.

Jennifer W from Northland New Zealand

What is there to say about Stunning Makeovers and the service you both provide?  


Obviously, I had my doubts and concerns about having cosmetic surgery in a foreign country, and so far away from my family. But, I am so pleased that I had you both as my support team!!

Without your experience and knowledge regarding Thailand and its medical practices, I would probably be sitting here still contemplating when I would ever do it (ten years of hum and harring)!!!

So first off – THANK YOU BOTH FOR EVERYTHING!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOUR SERVICE….and will continue to do so, to any one out there, who is contemplating cosmetic surgery of any kind!!

…….The surgeon is so kind, so professional, and very honest in terms of knowing and recommending what was best for me!! He truly had my best interests at heart.........

His team that looked after me in the Hospital are BRILLIANT! I wanted to bring them home with me! This is where my biggest concerns, worries, anxiety etc…were eased!  Not to say I wasn’t nervous and a little apprehensive. But over all, they put my mind to rest, and I found myself “going with the flow”.

I spent that night in hospital and a day later, hit the shopping malls with my friends. I couldn’t believe it!

I have followed through on all the advice I was given by the surgeon and his nursing staff (re looking after my new accessories)

Yanhee hospital was under going a structural face lift for further expansion, but don’t be put off by temporary external appearances! It is lovely and clean inside and the service by all nursing staff that are there to greet and look after you is exceptional!! and they look fabulous as well!! They are so professional in appearance and the way they treat local and international visitors.

As regards my accommodation: once again, completely SATISFIED! It is clean, modern, and the hotel staff is friendly, polite and takes a personal interest in you while under their care.

A week after my surgery, I needed to return to the hospital for my check up and to have my stitches removed.

Well, with all that aside, an extra bonus of this trip…..visiting a country I never thought I would ever go to, seeing and learning all about their culture and way of life, and of course getting to know the Thai people themselves. If the opportunity arises, I will definitely take my family there, and hopefully, visit their stunning coastline and resorts!!

After 10 long years of should I, shouldn’t I, I’VE DONE IT, and I couldn’t be happier!! 

Melinda C from Auckland, New Zealand

I found my experience to be a very positive one

I had been a little wary of going overseas to have any type of surgical procedure performed, but was very reassured on entering Yanhee Hospital. I found it to be very clean, modern and impressive. 

The administrative staff are very helpful, the international staff lovely and attentive with very good English, and the nursing staff was exceptional with very quick attendance!  (I have to say, when you press your call button in Yanhee Hospital, the nurse is by your bed within 1-2 minutes EVERY TIME!) 

I was also impressed with the aseptic techniques used in all procedures.  I would have no hesitation in recommending overseas surgery at Yanhee Hospital. 

The surgeon was very friendly.....The Lasik team were VERY thorough, performing a multitude of tests both pre- and post-procedure.  I had been very nervous at the prospect of having Lasik performed (due to claustrophobia) and they were extremely reassuring, talking to me throughout the actual procedure, explaining every step and telling me it would be over quickly. 

Thank you to the team (okay, the pair) at Stunning Makeovers for taking all the hassle out of booking flights, hotels and consultations and for answering all my queries promptly and professionally! 

Your warm and friendly personalities made this experience enjoyable, and I look forward to sharing information evenings with you.

Kathie H from Tauranga New Zealand

I read excellent feedback on Stunning Makeovers website and I like everything to be organised for me.  

The initial response time to my enquiry was prompt and informative.  The quality of information provided to me was excellent.  

My surgeon was excellent and the nursing staff and hospital facilities were excellent.

The hotel we stayed at is in the perfect location for shopping, dining and hairdresser, etc.

I am extremely happy …. and would return for more surgery and recommend Stunning Makeovers to others.

I particularly enjoyed meeting other women on the group trip and had a fantastic time just shopping and making new friends.

Carley D from NSW, Australia

I chose to go with Stunning Makeovers due to the company being extremely professional helpful from my initial contact. Most importantly there was no pressure which gave me peace of mind.

It is easier to have someone do all the organising and know that everything is done and is above board in a professional manner.  I am very satisfied and would recommend the service to friends and family.

Thank you Paul for all of your assistance. I'm really happy with the results.

The Surgeon was very good he explained everything to me and was more than happy to answer any questions. Dr Pitch is very personable. The Dentist was great and staff were all very friendly.

I really enjoyed the time in Bangkok my stay was very pleasant. I also spent time learning how to do hair extensions from one of the local hair salons and have bought everything back to do here.

I met many people from all over and of course I told them why I was there. Most were surprised and asked me how I managed to organise everything, hence I told them about Stunning Makeovers.

My mother was also very impressed and she was the hardest to convince the surgery would be a success. She passes on her best wishes.

Lizette B from Otago New Zealand

I Googled and made an online enquiry on Stunning Makeovers website.  

I had a relaxing time after my surgery.

I would return to Thailand for dental work. 

Debbie M from Auckland, New Zealand

I have found the care and attention in every aspect of the nursing staff to be second to none. 

The nurses are gentle and efficient and response time to summoning is always under 2 minutes. Yanhee hospital is a well oiled machine and experienced destination for surgery. I have yet to see the results of my choice of surgery but the advice I have been given thus far to get the best results has been invaluable.

Judy G from

I chose Stunning Makeovers because I'd seen a piece on the TV about you and I liked what I saw on your web site. 

The surgeon, with my face and neck lift, did a wonderful job. He was very professional.The nurses were very efficient and courteous. The other liaison-type staff were great and explained everything fully to me after surgery. I could not find fault with any of the staff. The service was fabulous and the facilities very nice.

I would return for more surgery without hesitation especially now that I know what to expect and I would gladly recommend Yanhee to anyone. 

I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service as we gave you a very short time to organize things for the two of us and it all came together smoothly. Paul couldn't have been more helpful no matter the time of day. 

Rita F from

I was impressed with the video I watched of you being interviewed by a television program hence choosing Stunning Makeovers.

The surgeon is very caring, listened to my concerns and was able to explain to me exactly what he could achieve for me. Nurses were very kind and gentle. They attended my every need and looked after me exceptionally well. The service is faultless; I can’t think of anything that I was not happy with. Furthermore, the hotel was great. The location was fantastic and we were able to get around the city easily by the BTS.  The hospital was very organized and the services provided even before surgery were unbelievable.

I was so impressed with how everything ran so smoothly beginning with the airport pickup, the transfers to the hospital, the interview with the surgeon, the care and attention from the nursing staff and everyone at the hospital.

I would return for more surgery/dental treatment as I am considering more dental work and maybe liposuction in the future.

I definitely would recommend Stunning Makeovers to others. The service provided was as promised, there were no hidden costs and the facilities chosen were great. 

I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeover’s services. Thank you again for making my dream come true. My results have been outstanding.  I am very pleased with the results and have had many compliments. 

Nicola J from New Zealand

Wanting to have a contact person from New Zealand and who spoke good English, this was important to me, my first call with Paul was so professional. In a short conversation I felt so comfortable to talk with Paul about the surgery I wanted. Paul was amazing and very caring, had all the answers to all my questions, I never felt like I was annoying him with my questions, because I had a lot especially when you are going to another country you want to know you are going to be safe and looked after well.

The surgeon was very professional and caring, had a great sense of humor and spoke very good English and kept on checking me. Yanhee Hospital was great. All the staff was responsible and spoke clear good English.

The Nursing and Support staff were amazing and I was so well looked after. They really know what they are doing. The service was so professional and constantly had smiles. 110% satisfied with all their services. The facilities were very good; our room at the hospital was very comfortable and I was in there for three nights. We were both happy as the nurses changed our bed every day.

I am 110% satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service. I’m very happy and can't believe how great I feel already. Paul is very professional in every way, so glad I found Stunning Makeovers; I only have great things to say.

I will being recommending anybody to go direct through Paul, everything that was in my package and itinerary was prefect, you couldn't fault any of the information given, he knows what he is talking about. My husband and I were totally blown away, with the way I have been treated and looked after, very successful surgery and holiday at the same time.

I can't thank you enough and so glad I found you!! You have helped me better my life in every single way, you are very professional and everything you recommended was right! Thank you Paul, truly for everything, our first time away from our kids and we not only had a blast in Bangkok but had a blast with each other.

Thanks for everything!

Judith M and Margaret L from New Zealand

The nurses were lovely, surgeons were excellent and hospital facilities were great. I would recommend Stunning Makeovers, very happy with your organization.

Rita F from

Surgery went extremely well and I am ecstatic with the results. Everything you organisedwent without a hitch. The hospital was great, the surgeon was fantastic and all the nurses who looked after me were so kind and beautiful.

I am very impressed with how everything was organised and I would definitely recommend your services. So thank you again for making my dream come true. 

Chantelle O from

Everything was great, my recovery was surprisingly quick and barely painful at all. Sean loves his new teeth! 

Also you were a lot of help Paul and the last email with the address times of appointments and everything made stuff so much easier. Thank you so much for your help.

I have recommended you to my sister-in-law looking to have surgery next year. Maybe we will go together.

Suzanne M. from Byron Bay, Australia
Stunning Makeovers were very easy and helpful to deal with. I researched and found them to be the most thorough with everything.I am very Stunning Makeovers service
Paul was wonderful and made himself available at all times. No question was too much. I appreciated their understanding and concern.
My surgeon was very pleasant although did not spend much time with him really. The nursing and support staff at the hospital were wonderful & responsive and the facilities were of a very high class.
The accommodation Stunning Makeovers arranged was very nice, with in easy walking distance to everything and the hotel staff all lovely, helpful and friendly. I didn’t eat an evening meal at the hotel but breakfasts were really nice and varied.