Surgery: Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery, Nose Job, Nose Hump Reduction, Nose Tip Surgery, Nose Reduction, Nose Reshaping, Open Rhinoplasty, Closed Rhinoplasty, Alarplasty, Tip-plasty, Septoplasty)

A Rhinoplasty (nose surgery or reshaping) can improve the appearance of the nose, correct impaired breathing and make the nose more in proportion to your other facial features.

It may be possible to change the width of the bridge or of the nostrils,  correct or reduce the appearance of a hump on the bridge, or reduce the size and shape of the nose tip or make it turn up or downward.

The natural shape and size of your nose and the thickness of cartilage all play a part in determining how much change can be made. The surgeon may require cartilage from your ear for some procedures.



How old do I have to be to have this surgery?

You must be at least 20 years of age to have elective surgery in Thailand. Patients under the age of 20 years need to provide a signed Consent Form from their parent/guardian if the surgeon accepts the case.

How soon can I have this surgery?

We can secure priority appointments for our clients subject to the surgeon’s availability. However it is best to request an appointment well in advance so that the surgeon can advise you about the steps to take before coming for surgery.

How long does the operation take and will I be asleep?

This procedure takes up to 3-5 hours under general anaesthetic.

Where will the incisions be?

The incisions will depend upon the type of procedure and technique used.

Will there be scaring?

Scaring will be present where the incisions were made. These may fade to fine lines or may remain obvious after healing is completed. How your scars will appear depends on how your body heals.

How long will I be in hospital?

1-2 nights dependant upon the surgeon’s recommendation.

How long do I have to stay in Thailand?

The surgeon usually recommends a stay of at least 12-14 nights after surgery. This is to allow you time to recover and to have a follow up consultation with the surgeon and removal of sutures. The surgeon may change the recommended time overseas based on age, medical conditions or where more than one surgery is being performed.

Why can’t I leave sooner?

For your own safety you should observe the recommendation. Air travel presents risks due to cabin pressure and other factors that are of particular concern for patients having a Rhinoplasty procedure. To leave sooner would present an unnecessary risk. If you cannot stay the recommended time it is best not to have surgery overseas.

Will I have a consultation with the surgeon before surgery?

Yes, the surgeon will examine you and discuss the procedure with you before your surgery. He will answer any questions you may have

What are the risks associated with a reduction Rhinoplasty?

There are always risks in having surgery. This applies whether you have surgery overseas or at home. Risks include infection, bleeding/hematoma, poor wound healing, nose asymmetry, change in skin sensation (numbness), interference with normal passage of air, unfavourable scarring, skin contour irregularities, possibility of revisional surgery, and risks associated with anaesthesia. Smokers may experience a delay the healing process and are at a higher risk of complications. Please talk to the surgeon about all of the risks before proceeding with surgery.

How should I prepare for surgery?

When we have your case assessed by the surgeon before you travel overseas, you may be given some specific instructions by the plastic surgeon about preparing for surgery. Generally, you will be asked to stop some medications and all vitamin supplements, alcohol and smoking. You must not stop any prescription medications without first consulting your prescribing physician or instruction from the surgeon.

What should I do after surgery?

The surgeon will provide post-operative care instructions after surgery which may include not touching rubbing your nose or wearing glasses for a particular timeframe. Exercise and strenuous activities should be avoided.

When can I start exercising?

Usually exercise and normal physical activities can resume in about 3 months after surgery however please ask your surgeon about this as it can vary from case to case.

How much does this surgery cost?

To get a free estimate for this surgery please click here

How can I get a surgeons opinion before travelling overseas?

To get a free surgeons opinion and estimate for this surgery please send your photos and complete the questionnaire by clicking here

Can I see before and after photos?

Due to privacy laws, before and after photos are not available online. The surgeon may provide these to you once you have your case reviewed. To have a free review of your case please send your photos and complete the questionnaire by clicking here

Can I talk to a past patient?

Yes, many of our clients are very happy to talk to others that are planning surgery through Stunning Makeovers. Before we can put you in touch, please send your photos and complete the questionnaire by clicking here.



Yvette B from Queensland Australia

I liked the fact that Stunning Makeovers is a NZ based company as it seemed genuine and

Paul’s fast response to my emails were amazing. I am very satisfied with the service and the whole process was so easy.

My surgeon Dr Theera was really good he explained everything well and he was very friendly so I felt comfortable

The nursing staff were awesome they were all really lovely and looked after me well.The hospital facilities are good and clean. My hospital room was beautiful and very clean.

I would definitely return for further surgery and recommend Stunning Makeovers to others  because they make everything hassle free and it gives you peace of mind as surgery can be very a very daunting experience.

LH from Auckland, New Zealand

I had my nose operated on something I have wanted since I was 3 years old. 

As it was important for me that I got everything right. Dr. Theera is an amazing, caring surgeon. I would recommend to anyone to have their surgery done by Dr. Theera – I‘m even coming back for more :).

I had really great support with patient co-ordination (Yuri & Tee), the nurses were great too.

Jennifer B from Wellington New Zealand

I can honestly say I’m 100% happy! 

Stunning Makeovers is a NZ company and Paul responded to my enquiry promptly.

Possibly after I had children, I would return to Thailand for breast augmentation and would DEFINITELY recommend Stunning Makeovers.

The nurses at the hospital, they were great and quite fascinating!. 

Having other Kiwis going on the same flight and at the same hotel is a fantastic idea, really makes things easier if you don’t have a partner/family member with you. (Group Trip)

Shaan E from Auckland, New Zealand

The surgeon wasn’t very keen to do the Rhinoplasty surgery as he thought it would reduce my breathing even further. 

He referred me to the ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) surgeon who showed me just how bad my septum was.  I decided to go with the septoplasty surgery instead.  If I went with the Rhinoplasty surgery, the ENT surgeon may have been able to use the same incision but she wouldn’t have known, until I was on the operating table (unconscious).  I didn’t want to take the risk.

Not only can I breathe through both nostrils for the first time in years, but the depressed spot is no longer there and my nose appears straighter!  There was no bruising whatsoever and I was up and about in no time.  I’m keen to see the final result once the swelling has gone completely. 

I was disappointed that I couldn’t have my teeth done though. The ENT surgeon told me not to have dental work because they may knock my nose. So I’ll need to organise another trip for next year

I was kept well informed by Ms Pla and Mr T was always prompt and just lovely.  The hospital team were great – having the English co-ordinators (Joanne and Ms Pla) were fantastic. 

Both Daisy and I will certainly be re-booking.  I think Mum and Dad are interested in dental work too.

Kim C from

Thanks for the great service Paul.  Loved the Hotel, Yanhee staff and doctor are very professional. The hospital leaves Australia behind in professionalism and patient care.

I'll definitely be sending friends and clients your way for you to help them reach their own personal dreams with a makeover. 

Joe R from Rotorua, New Zealand

The doctor was great, confident and had a good sense of humor.

So happy how everything turned out, service with a smile! 

Nicky M from Christchurch, New Zealand

I am really happy with everything that was done, Dr Theera is very talented. He is also very respectful.

Recovery was fairly quick. The augmentation was painful particularly on the one side where I had a cyst removed but after a couple of days the recovery was good, when I was able to manage the pain myself. The nurses and the nurse manager were lovely.

I am now just waiting on swelling to go down which is normal however I am still very happy with the results to date. Even after less than 3 weeks following surgery I can already enjoy life without some of the worries I used to have.

As for Stunning Makeovers I am very impressed when everything you organised and did for me. Your support knowing you were there was very much appreciated. Also going to another country for surgery can create doubt as to validity but I never felt that with Stunning Makeovers.

The hotel was amazing. I would go back to Bangkok just for the hotel. It certainly exceeded my expectations and I think it is a great end to the journey being looked after and cared for like the hotel staff did and you organised.

Overall I am very impressed and thankful for changing my life.

When I started enquiring with makeover specialists, Stunning Makeovers showed the most commitment to helping me, reassurance to my decisions and strength through communication and support helped me get through and achieve what I have. I trusted Stunning Makeovers and staff, which is not easily given lol!

I am very satisfied with Stunning Makeovers. They exceeded my expectation. Follow up care affirmed this.

Dr Theera is very talented. I trusted his recommendations and I am extremely happy with his work and the results. He is also very respectful and considerate. The nursing staff were lovely, kind and patient. The support staff were also very kind and supportive. Lanee in international was lovely. I will not forget her. I was also given a complimentary face treatment by the nurse manager who I also really liked. I hope one day I get to see these people again.

The service was very good - especially the transport to and from hotel and hospital. I felt like it has also been taken very seriously and I definitely didn't feel like just another patient or number.

The hospital facilities were good - impressed with the coffee shops and pharmacy, everything you could want at a hospital even as a visitor.

I definitely recommend Stunning Makeovers for reasons stated.

Yolanda C. from Byron Bay, Australia

I saw Dr Somsak yesterday and had the cast and stitches off and I’m really pleased with the results already!

Maryanne U. from Adelaide, Australia
At the moment I'm happy with my results. I won't be able to say about one of my surgeries as it's too soon
The surgeon explained the procedure well and took his time in answering my questions very lovely man . Made you feel very comfortable.
The nursing staff are so lovely nothing is to much trouble.
The hospital was very clean tidy.
Stunning Makeovers drivers were great every time I had an appointment they where on time.
The hotel Stunning Makeovers arranged was great. Location wise can not fault. Great breakfast . Good food. The hotel staff are very accommodating and will help you.
Maryann U. from Adelaide, Australia

I'm more then happy with the results.  Thank you for making it easy in a foreign country.  I recommend to everyone  to go through Stunning Makeovers.

Luke B. from Auckland, New Zealand
I'm just so glad that I went through Stunning Makeovers, you have been such a help every step of the way.
I'm really impressed and it's amazing to get the same high quality level of service received that Melissa did 4 years ago. 
The trip is going well, just like clockwork. Everything that you arranged has worked out just as the itinerary said it would. Bangkok has been very nice, the service from all facilities has been great. The surgery went well and I'm just resting and recovering. Can't wait to see the result and what Dr Thawatchai managed to do. 
I can see why your clients often return. I'm already thinking what I might do next haha. 
Luke B. from Auckland, New Zealand
Healing is going well, its amazing its been just over a month already. Feedback from friends and family has been excellent as to how natural it looks. I still cant make a final judgement on the result at this stage as it takes 6 months to a year for all swelling to resolve and the true final form to show through. But I can say at this stage so far so good. 
Also I would just like to comment how excellent Stunning Makeovers has been during the whole process, pre care and post care has been phenomenal just as before with my wifes surgery, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Stunning Makeovers to others, or go through Stunning Makeovers myself again.