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  • Auckland, New Zealand
    (Smile Makeover)
    I am 110% satisfied with Stunning Makeovers service.

  • Auckland, New Zealand
    (Breast Augmentation)
    all spoke good English which was re-assuring and nothing was too much trouble

  • Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
    (Tummy Tuck)
    Very impressed with the service

  • Auckland, New Zealand
    (Breast Augmentation)
    So much better than I had imagined and the hospital was great

  • Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
    (Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction)
    Stunning Makeovers in-hospital co-ordinator was a delight

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Yanhee International Hospital - Bangkok

Yanhee International Hospital Bangkok This hospital is the only hospital where you’ll see roller-blading nurses distributing documents!

Yanhee International Hospital is world renowned as a one-stop health and beauty treatment shop, with one of the largest and most comprehensive beauty treatment centres in Asia.


Bangkok Hospital - Phuket

Bangkok Hospital PhuketBangkok Phuket Hospital is a registered private hospital on the world famous resort island of Phuket.

With 42 full time specialists and 50 consulting physicians, and the beautiful resorts of Phuket, Bangkok Phuket Hospital is a popular choice for those seeking cosmetic surgery overseas.


Phuket International Hospital

Breast ImplantsWith its tropical surroundings, crystal clear waters, stunning resorts and international cuisine Phuket is an obvious choice for those wishing to combine affordable cosmetic surgery with a holiday.

Phuket International Hospital is one of Thailand's leading private hospitals, offering sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic care in almost every area of medicine and surgery, treating.......


Phuket International Hospital

Note: Surgical procedures have benefits and risks.  Consider this option of overseas treatment carefully.  Please note insurance for elective procedures overseas is not available. Discuss this with your doctor if you have any concerns and ask if this is right for you. A website review of your case would not replace the individual assessment in person by a healthcare professional.  Suitable travel insurance cover should be obtained.

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